Other companies I founded, co-founded or incubated

Menlo Incubator

Watersmart Software


Cross Coin Ventures


I met the founders Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt when there were three people in the company. I need the services of Amazon Mechanical Turk and was looking for consultants to help. I immediately realized the potential of the idea and the team and put in the first money at a $2 million pre-money valuation. Was on the board for years and years. Was a mentor.

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Net Angels

Gary was President of NetAngels.Com, Inc., a 40 person company (with 20 contractors in Krakow, Poland) solely focused on Internet profiling and personalization. It has backers including Esther Dyson, Nick Nicholas and Martin Schoffstal. As co-founder of NetAngels.Com, he hired the management team, focused the product vision, and created the distribution strategy. The company merged with Firefly Network, Inc. (Agents, Inc.), the company’s largest competitor, which was later successfully sold to Microsoft.


Speaker and Educator

NU – Powering the future

Gary is a frequent speaker on on-line marketing, business development, and capital raising for emerging growth companies. As a leading authority in defining the contours of intellectual property law and the Internet, Gary was a guest luncheon speaker in the 19th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, presented by American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law. He was also ranked in the Top 100 Internet Entrepreneurs according to MicroTimes Magazine.

As an Investor

Gary has invested in over 100 private companies of which several have either gone public or have had liquidity events including subsequent and first round investments in Interwoven, Resonate, Mediaplex, Tut as well as numerous venture funds and hedge funds.

Past consulting projects

Gary’s past consulting projects in the satellite area include: i) business planning and business development for Hughes Communications’ New Venture Organization, focusing on satellite delivery of IP transit services, ii) a rollout of a near earth orbit fleet of unmanned planes using LMDS technology, iii) business planning for NeTune, a venture backed satellite media transmission network, and iv) fundraising for DBS Industries, a publicly traded LEO based AMR automatic meter reading company.

Other past internet consulting projects include i) retainer due diligence for Charter Venture Capital, ii) general finance and operations for Photoloft.Com / BrightCube, iii) business plan and investor presentation for Signafy, Inc. (an NEC backed spin-off in the digital watermarking area), and iv) brokering the domain names Computer.com and Altavista.com.